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Snorkeling – from what to start?

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Snorkeling – from what to start?
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Diving is very popular nowadays, many people traveling to tropical regions are simply enchanted by underwater life. The decision to start diving is an obvious consequence. How to start diving? Who can dive? Is diving dangerous?

Diving is a very pleasant sport and basically quite simple. However, some knowledge and skills are necessary to dive safely. Water can be very variable, even in the Red Sea, water may appear calm, sudden changes in depth – a reef or dangerous animals.

In each dive course you must familiarize yourself with the basic issues of diving physics, it’s mainly about pressure changes with depth. You need to know the properties of the mixtures on which you will dive and familiarize yourself with the structure of the respiratory and circulatory systems at a level that saves understanding of the mechanism of diving injuries. Learning how to use decompression tables and snorkel mask is also necessary, the dive history can be a nice addition to all issues.

How to dive?

Only trained individuals who have obtained a diving certificate may dive. There are many training organizations, most of them honor the certificates of other organizations. Diving degrees and specializations are distinguished in diving. Diving levels are the basic way to acquire further qualifications, specializations develop our skills in specific directions, e.g. there is the specialization of night diving, diving on wrecks, underwater photography or diving in a dry suit.

Who can dive?

Persons participating in diving classes should meet the basic requirements for a person practicing sport. They are to be met by every healthy person. The basic criterion is also the ability to swim. Of course, some ailments exclude diving. these include: mental illness, epilepsy or hypertension. Before each dive course you will fill out a medical form and if you answer all questions negatively, you can dive. This is the case in most countries, in accordance with the requirements of the act on physical culture, every person practicing any sport must obtain permission from a doctor any doctor, not necessarily a sports doctor. It is also the same in diving. It is required to have a certificate stating “can dive” or “capable of diving” as well as necessary is snorkel set.

Is diving dangerous?

Diving is considered a very safe sport, provided that you comply with safety rules and do not exceed your qualifications or your own skills. Of course, as in any other sport, some hazards occur, to avoid them you need to learn to scuba dive specific knowledge and master certain skills. For these reasons, it is worth taking a diving course with a reputable instructor.