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Rustic style in your apartment

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Rustic style in your apartment
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If you dream of returning to the natural simplicity of a traditional country house, go for a rustic style. And don’t mind that you live, for example, in the middle of the city, because rustic cosiness can easily be obtained in all conditions. See how to create a warm and familiar atmosphere in your home in a simple and effective way. We advise how to decorate a house in a rustic style, and we show beautiful country-style interiors.

What does rustic mean?

The name of the style comes from the English word “rustic”, meaning “rural” or “familiar.” This convention is associated with the decor of old huts and noble manor houses, but the essence of style was shaped overseas. In the United States, just after the emergence of a new country independent of Great Britain, more and more wooden furniture began to be made of what was at hand, with natural cracks and imperfections. To this day, wood in this version is the basis for the interior in a rustic style. And it goes hand in hand with a love of traditional craftsmanship, especially in accessories: fabrics, ceramics, kitchen accessories.

Country style interiors: rustic living room

In the rustic living room, put on a simple rustic furniture upholstered in linen or felt. So that the arrangement is not too literal, you can also opt for a modern sofa and “dress” it in a robe made of natural fabric. The coffee table can take the form of an old chest or bench. When choosing furniture, avoid excess colors because the most important is natural wood. Old furniture and equipment do not have to be renovated due to scratches and damage will give them character. Instead of a rug, choose a hand-woven rug or colorful rug. Perfect fabrics for this type of interior?

Rustic style: rural atmosphere in the kitchen

Rustic house decor are most clearly visible in the arrangement of the kitchen in this convention. Two basic principles that should be followed when decorating in a rustic style are simplicity and unpretentiousness. Bet on modest wooden furniture, preferably with traces of many years of use. A beautiful wooden floor will also be useful, preferably from boards with a beautiful grain pattern, as well as whitewashed walls. It is important not to fall into literality and “fiddle”, so in the kitchen stylized furniture and solid wooden countertops are sufficient, and cabinets may already be modern. Against them, the old table on turned legs will look great, and above it remember about lamp in the style of its oil-great-grandmother.