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02/02/2018 1 min to read

How to arrange a flat for single?

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How to arrange a flat for single?
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Living alone can be a great idea for independent people who are tired of living with family as well as messy room-mates. However, arranging of a flat for a single can be a pretty challenging and time consuming task. Luckily, this article will tell more about well-known ways of doing it quickly and achieving required results.

Cool apartment ideas

Although arranging flat for a single can be an ambitious task, it is worth to start with a multi-functional room where the basic principle is called minimalism. A single person often has a room with a kitchen or a studio and the living room is often both a bedroom and a dressing room. An excellent solution for such interiors is “2-in-1” furniture, for example when sofa turns into a bed for sleeping. During arranging tiny apartment living room, it is worth to remember that furniture cannot be heavy and massive because there is no space and it also makes the room smaller. Large wardrobes and high suspended shelves should be replaced with a chest of drawers or low bookshelves. There are also good opening pouffes that are additional storage space.

If you are looking for studio apartment decorating ideas on a budget, you will love this idea. Do you have a small but high apartment? If you do, then you have to try this: mezzanine. This solution always works fantastically and it is not often used so your apartment will definitely be out of ordinary. Under the ceiling you can organize an intimate bedroom or a functional working area. It will work perfectly when the single is a freelancer and works at home. Under the mezzanine can be a comfortable wardrobe, bookshelves full of books and even a kitchenette. Thanks to this treatment the flat gains an interesting architectural element and becomes much more functional. What is more, although the solution seems to cost fortune, you may be surprised how cheap it may turn out to be. Moreover, you gain additional space what is a crucial benefit in this solution.