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How does technology affect the workplace?

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How does technology affect the workplace?
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The modern world is moving forward and sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with all the innovations. Modern technology in everyday life stands for convenience and effectiveness both at home and at the workplace.

Technology in our life

Modern technologies are intended to make our lives easier. In what way? There are many studies focused on the impact of technology on human life. Modern technologies affect our lives practically all the time. They have an impact on our lifestyle, work and relationships with other people.
Functional mobile phones, super light laptops, handy tablets, the automatic light switches and lawn sprinklers, smart blenders, intelligent irons – we all use modern technology in everyday life. Previously, a big, solid computer was a luxury, today we don’t even use traditional desktop computers anymore. Currently, a laptop connected to the internet is a must. Can you imagine your life without a cell phone? It was supposed to be a more convenient, mobile version of an ordinary analog telephone and now we use it all the time and treat it like a treasure trove of our life. Currently, the cell phone is used (apart from its basic functions) to surf the internet, talk to friends via popular messengers, use social media platforms, make payments, etc. The internet is a virtually inexhaustible source of information and entertainment. It’s also a social medium, helping us to make friends and maintain existing contacts.
Today, every bank has its own website and mobile app. That’s how we can make transfers, set up deposits, use credits and loans quickly and easily.
Modern technologies also include the development of robotics. The robots specialized in certain tasks can be controlled by a human, another machine or a computer program. The robots are widely used in the car industry, in medicine, in agriculture, as well as in everyday life (for example modern vacuum cleaners). Widely popular touch screens appear as an input device used not only in smartphones, but also in a number of other equipment, including consumer electronics and home appliances. A mobile phone with a touch screen is completely normal. This type of screen also appears in washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers and in on-board computers in modern cars.

How does technology affect the workplace?

1. New technologies can replace physical workers. In recent years, the employment in manufacturing sector has decreased while the productivity has significantly increased.
2. There are many new jobs created for people working in the tech. However, the employment increase in certain industries may be short-lived.
3. New technologies create jobs in knowledge industries. Demand for specialized services in education, medicine, business or marketing is growing.
4. Technologies influence the development of new services sectors. Technological progress, by increasing productivity, has a positive effect on the consumer purchasing power. With more money, people spend it on recreation, leisure and entertainment.