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02/02/2018 2 min to read

How bots help in looking for a job?

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How bots help in looking for a job?
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In modern world we need a little help from bots, even in areas such as looking for a job or new employees recruitment. The chatbot is a new tool to improve the recruitment process not only for the employer, but also for the job seeker.

Chatbots in recruitment

Chatbot is a great support in the process of recruitment. Its biggest advantage is the conversational way of interaction. Chatbots communicate freely with their interlocutors via chat located on the website, in social media, in dedicated applications, e.g.  for translations, and messengers. They’re very helpful for employers as well as the candidates. As the virtual assistants, they can also train employees and collect basic information about their needs and obligations.
Recruitment chatbot takes over the most mechanical aspect of the recruiter’s work, which is the selection and preselection of applications coming from candidates. Even so, the chatbot won’t make any recruiter unemployed, because the key stage of recruitment is always the direct contact of the recruiter with the candidate.
Using recruitment chatbot does not add any additional stage to the whole recruitment process. From the recruiter’s perspective, chatbot is like an automatic assistant collecting recruitment leads (basic information about candidates) and enabling the employer to make a well-thought-out decision about inviting the best candidates to the recruitment meetings. On the other hand, from the candidate’s perspective, the recruitment chatbot replaces the first phase of job search, which is searching for interesting job offers. With a chatbot the whole process is easier and much more effective. Providing great efficiency and functionality, it’s a complete game changer for every candidate and every employer on the job market.

Recruitment chatbots – advantages

What are the benefits of chatbots used in the recruitment process?
1. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. They provide an immediate feedback.
3. Chatbots do a job/employee search for you.
4. Candidates can talk to the bot asynchronously – the conversation can be interrupted and the candidate can return to it at any time.
5. It’s simple and effective for both sides.

Chatbots for interview

Recruitment chatbots are an ideal support in the recruitment process. They provide candidates with all the information regarding the company, available job, requirements and the candidate’s obligations. It can be also responsible for the first stages of recruitment and selection – without the participation of actual recruiters. Chatbots allow candidates to send their CV and even conduct an effective and stress-free job interview – bots can talk to potential candidates, asking them preliminary questions, which HR specialists would later analyze and check if the candidate is right for the job. Thus, the recruitment chatbots save the employer’s time and money. On the other hand, talking to the bot help candidates avoid additional stress related to job interviews. Chatbots are always very friendly and helpful, and above all they don’t judge nervous candidates.